Couch to 5K Training Guide

Fall is the season for Turkey Trots and 5Ks. The wildly popular 5K, The Tavola Reindeer Run, is taking place this year on Saturday, December 4th, and will kick off at 8 AM.

Here is a little 3-day per week, couch-to-5K training guide to help you get started. Each running training session is only a 25-minute workout. 

Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday
Warm up with a brisk walk for 5 minutes, before you get started. After your warm-up, set a timer for 20 minutes. For 20 minutes, jog for 1 minute and then walk for 1:30 minutes. Repeat this cycle until the time is up. 

On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday you can add in some strength training, cross-training, or circuit training. Be sure to cool down and stretch after your workouts.

Another great way to prepare for the upcoming Tavola Reindeer Run is to download one of the many popular couch-to-5k apps on the Apple, Android, or Google Play app store.  

Ready to register? You can sign up for the Tavola Reindeer run at