Generation Park Opening Soon

Generation Park’s system of trails can get locals anywhere they need to be, on foot, in 15 minutes or less. The vision of the park is to essentially create its own 15-minute city, featuring restaurants, hotels, hospitals, an event center, a business park, and more. 

The park will initially connect to Summerwood, and from there branch into Eagle Springs, The Groves, Fall Creek, and more. With a bike or electric scooter on these trails, residents will be able to hop around with ease, without ever having to start their car. 

McCord Development (head of park design and development) is building the astounding 4,200 acre Generation Park with somewhere in the ballpark of 50 miles of trails, just off Beltway 8. The goal of the park is to link key areas in the surrounding communities, including schools, colleges, other parks, businesses, and more. While there is not a completion date set for Generation Park, the director of design and planning for the project said they are working to get it open as soon as possible. 

For more information about Generation Park, you can visit their website at ​​​​