Grand Parkway Extension Booms East Montgomery County Development

East Montgomery County’s population has boomed in growth over the last few years, with residential and commercial real estate expanding all around. 

The Grand Parkway is going to totally change the transportation landscape of Montgomery County and the surrounding areas. Not only does it open up more access to the region, but it is also going to make it possible to get from The Woodlands to New Caney in about 13 minutes. 

The various developments along the Grand Parkway will bring hundreds of jobs and thousands of new homes to Montgomery County. This does not even include the 800 individuals hired to design, construct, and complete the project. 

In addition, this expansion will also make way for 1,500 single-family homes, over 1,000 multi-family homes, and a brand new town center with retail options and restaurants. 

The $855 million Grand Parkway expansion is expected to be completed sometime in the Spring of 2022.