Kung Fu Tea on the Northside

Global milk tea company, Kung Fu Tea, is set to open its New Caney location very soon and is bringing the Taiwanese milk tea style to the northside. Being only 8 minutes away from the Tavola Community, gone are the days students need to drive an hour away to study and sip on bubble tea.
 Kung Fu Tea New Caney will have their grand opening September 14-15. Stay updated with their grand opening specials by following their Facebook page. We’ll link it at the end of this post, too, for your convenience. 

College students, Kung Fu Tea New Caney is hiring, as well. Email your resume to them at KFTNewCaney@Gmail.com if you’re interested. Here’s where they will be located: 

22118 Market Place Dr., Suite 600
New Caney, Texas 77357

What is Bubble Tea & Boba

Bubble tea is a very generalized name for a cup of (usually iced) tea with boba in it. Boba (aka tapioca) is a sweet and chewy ball made of tapioca flour, like a tiny mochi. Sounds strange, but it’s delicious. Boba is only one of many “toppings” that Kung Fu Tea offers. Think of toppings like your ice cream mix-ins at Marble Slab, but for drinks. 
Other toppings you can add at Kung Fu Tea include egg pudding, nata jelly, red bean, mung bean, herbal jelly, popping bubbles (coffee, mango, grape), aloe jelly, and fig jelly. You can read more about these toppings on Kung Fu’s corporate website here. Keep in mind that toppings and tea flavors will vary depending on location.

What You Should Try

The most popular and classic drink at Kung Fu Tea is the Kung Fu Milk Tea which is made with milk powder and either black or green tea, your choice. Another tried and true favorite is the Mango Green Tea with the popping mango jelly. The point is that you can create any combination of drinks and toppings you would like. 

A huge plus for bubble tea shops is that you also have control over how much sugar you want to add. Parents, that note is especially important if you’re watching your children’s sugar intake or are on the keto diet!

To find out more about Kung Fu Tea and their special technique, read more on their website linked below. 

Kung Fu New Caney Facebook 
Kung Fu Tea Popular Drinks
Kung Fu Tea Technique

SOURCE: Community Impact