Local Ninja Celeb

Barclay Stockett is a local celeb on the show "American Ninja Warrior: Ninja Vs. Ninja" ANW: Ninja Vs. Ninja  is a spin-off of "American Ninja Warrior," in which athletes, dubbed ninjas, compete in complicated, physically demanding obstacle courses. In each episode of "Ninja Vs. Ninja," four teams of three ninjas compete to determine which team will move on to the playoffs. Twenty-three -year-old Barclay Stockett has been gaining widespread popularity as a full-time ninja on ANW. She lives in the Liberty County area, but travels full time for ANW. Before deciding to pursue ANW full-time, Barclay coached over 70 gymnasts at the Rowland Ballard School of Ballet and Gymnastics in Kingwood for approximately four years.

Source: Houston Chronicle