Maintaining Your New Home

Many American’s take pride in home ownership and want to take care of their investment. The feeling of walking into your new home is a feeling of excitement and hope for the future. We want to make memories in this home for years to come. In order to make sure your investment can handle the test of time, a few routine maintenance tips should be followed. 

Create a maintenance schedule - Make sure not to put off maintenance tasks, as bigger and more expensive problems can be created. Make a list of exterior and interior routine tasks that need to be done weekly, monthly and yearly.

Don’t forget the outside - Maintain your exterior in order to maximize your curb appeal. Taking pride in your yard and exterior may spur your neighbors to follow and continue to maintain the home and neighborhood values. Check windows and siding for damage or cracks that need repaired. Keep up with seasonal yard maintenance, such as fertilizing, mulching and clipping shrubs.

Find professionals you can trust - Maintain the quality of your home and don’t take short cuts when it comes to repairs. Items that aren’t fixed properly can cost you more in the long run. Read reviews and ask neighbors about reputable and experienced professionals in your area.

Check for energy leaks - Small cracks in doors and windows can increase your monthly energy bill. Inspect all windows and doors and make any repairs necessary.

Kids and pets - Set boundaries for your family on what is acceptable for your pets and kids.

Protect Against Fire Hazards - A widely accepted rule of thumb is to replace smoke and carbon monoxide detectors when you change your clocks during a time change. If not, it never fails that these will go off in the middle of the night.