New Caney High School Choir Student Named an All-State Musician

For the first time in 17 years, a New Caney High student has been chosen as an All-State Choir Member by the Texas Music Educators Association! 

TMEA has recognized two choir students for their dedication to music, Ne’Vaeh Young and Isaac Bulamu. Ne’Vaeh Young is a Sophomore at the high school and has worked hard to earn a national spot! Isaac Bulamu, a Junior, was selected as a first alternate to All-State Tenor Bass Choir. The New Caney High Choir department is directed by Ms. Brianna Fernandez who is “an active member of the choral community in Houston.” Congratulations, New Caney High Choir! 

Being named an All-State Musician is an honor that comes with great responsibility. To be eligible for consideration, students have many requirements to meet before auditioning. Students must be full-time and “certified by their TMEA Active Member director as a participating member of the school’s parent musical organization.” In addition to this, students “must have been in attendance and have passed the number of courses required by the University Interscholastic League for extracurricular participation. Students must also be in good academic standing as the TMEA activities are considered extracurricular.
To learn more about the requirements, please visit the Texas Music Educators Association’s website

SOURCE: New Caney ISD’s Facebook Page, New Caney ISD, Texas Music Educators Association