Paco Pops Serves Up Cool Summer Treats

Cool off this summer with a local favorite, Paco Pops. Tavola residents have likely seen Paco Pops serve tasty treats in their neighborhood. Just recently Paco Pops served their cool creations at Tavola Elementary.   

Paco Pops Co-owner Francisco Sanchez started his journey at age 13 when he worked at his aunt’s popsicle shop in Chihuahua making pops from scratch.

Sanchez went on to work in construction, but always dreamt of owning his own business. After a car accident in 2018 hindered his ability to work in construction, he decided to achieve his dreams.

Paco Pops, an artesian frozen pop and ice cream shop, opened in 2019 on Loop 494 in Porter. The shop offers over 60 cream- and water-based pop flavors. Guests can be adventurous and try Gansito and avocado pop dipped in Mexican chocolate and their choice of toppings.

In addition to pops, 20 handmade ice creams and one sorbet are offered. 

Customers enjoy coming back and finding new combinations and creations. Stop by Paco Pops and find your favorite!

SOURCE: Community Impact