Tavola Reindeer Run Apple iPad Winner

Congratulations to Danielle McClenney for winning a brand new Apple iPad, which was a prize drawing as part of the Tavola Reindeer Run hosted in the community on Saturday, December 3, 2022.

McClenney is pictured with Lennar Sales Professionals, Cory King and Celina Davis. McClenney and her family live near Tavola and said she found out about Tavola Reindeer Run due to the huge billboard placed at the entrance of the community, which caught her attention as she drove by!

McClenney attended her first ever Tavola Reindeer Run with her mother and two kids and said they had a blast! Her mother and kids participated in the 1K, while McClenney participated in the 5K. Her favorite part of Reindeer Run was that she was able to reach a personal goal of hers and run the entire 2nd Kilometer in the 5K.

McClenney is excited about her Apple iPad and says it's a gift for her and her husband to enjoy.

Thank you to everyone who attended the sixth annual Tavola Reindeer Run and made this our best year yet!